Kawasaki in Columbia, SC

100 boats listed for sale in the past 6 days.

Including Kawasaki in USA for comparison.

Kawasaki supercharged 310lx ultra jetski (KERSHAW)Kawasaki supercharged 310lx ultra (Kershaw)Kawasaki Ultra 300LXKawasaki Ultra 260LXKawasaki STX15F Jetski waverunner stx 15 fKAWASAKI 300 SUPERCHARGED FAST SKI! (Pompano)Kawasaki Jet Skis Ultra LXKawasaki STX 15F only 71 hours 3 placeKawasaki STX15F Jetski waverunner stx 15 f (Suffolk LI)Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 250X 1498 (Buford)Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 300X 1498 (Buford)23' Sea Hunt Ultra 234 (MARCO ISLAND)kx150 UltraKawasaki Jet Ski STX 15F 1498 (Buford)kawasaki STX1200RKawasaki Jet Ski 1100ZXIKawasaki STX15F jet ski NEEDS WORKKawasaki fuel injected STX15F waverunner STX 15 FPRESTIGE 550Kawasaki STX15F Jetski NEEDS WORK (Northport)Yamaha Waverunner and 92 Kawasaki Jet Ski with trailerKawasaki STX15F Jetski waverunner stx 15 f (Long Island)JET SKIS PAIR OF 750 KAWASAKI'S 1996 WITH DOUBLE TRAILERKawasaki 800sxr Jetski Very clean low hours ready to rideKawasaki JT750-B3 UnknownKawasaki Ultra 310 LX Only 40 HoursSunRunner ultraKawasaki Ultra LX Jet Ski (Milton)Kawasaki 750 SXI Jet SkiKawasaki STX 15F (Manahawkin NJ)Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310X SKU:UW60360C 1498Kawasaki STX 750Kawasaki 750sx Custom Blowsion SkiKawasaki STX 750kawasaki 550 jetskiKawasaki JS 550 SX Jetski Jet Ski WaveRunner (Bayville)Kawasaki Ultra 300 LX JetSki (Auburndale)Kawasaki ST 750 CLASSIC! Jet ski (Waukesha)Kawasaki STX 750 JET SKI (Waukesha)Kawasaki Ultra 150Kawasaki supercharged 310lx ultra jetski (Kershaw)Triton aluminum double jet ski trailer and 1998 Vintage Kawasaki 900 (Sherrills Ford)kawasaki stx12f 50 hoursJet ski 1986 550Kawasaki 1100 zxiKawasaki STX15F Jetski (Blackwood)199019952000200520102015900k800k700k600k500k400k300k200k100k0Model YearPrice ($USD)
$15,0002016Ultra-Columbia, SC
$15,0002016Ultra-Greenville, SC
$87,500Ultra-Charleston, SC
$17,500Ultra-Beaumont, TX
$17,500Ultra-Beaumont, TX
Kawasaki Ultra 300LX
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$10,5002013Ultra-Beaumont, TX
Kawasaki Ultra 260LX
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$6,5002010Ultra-Beaumont, TX
$17,500Ultra-Beaumont, TX
$8,5002011Stx15f-New York City, NY
2020 SUPRA SE 550
craigslist -
$156,500550-Laredo, TX
$7,2002012Kawasaki-Miami, FL
Kawasaki Jet Skis Ultra LX
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$15,5002016Ultra-Laredo, TX
550 Jetski
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$3,200550-Salem, OR
2020 Walker Bay 11
craigslist -
$21,50011-Orange county, CA
$7,9502014Stx15f-Grand Island, MI
$8,5002011Stx15f-Long Island, NY
2 Kawasaki Jetskis
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$1,500Kawasaki-Grand Island, MI
$1,50011-Miami, FL
2 Kawasaki Jetski
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$1,500Kawasaki-Grand Island, MI
$6,4992007Ultra-Atlanta, GA
$8,5002012Ultra-Atlanta, GA
$79,0002018Ultra-Ft Myers, FL
$5,000Kawasaki-Daytona, FL
kx150 Ultra
craigslist -
$2,2002004Ultra-St Louis, MO
Kawasaki Jet SKI ZXI 1100 (Ocala)
craigslist -
$5,000Kawasaki-Gainesville, FL
$7,5002017Stx15f-Atlanta, GA
kawasaki STX1200R
craigslist -
$6,0002004Kawasaki-Topeka, KS
11'09 Sea King
craigslist -
$1,20011-Portland, OR
$6,950Stx12f-New York City, NY
Kawasaki Jet Ski 1100ZXI
craigslist -
$3,50020021100zxi-Amarillo, TX
Kawasaki STX15F jet ski NEEDS WORK
craigslist -
$2,9002008Kawasaki-New York City, NY
$7,9002008Stx15f-New York City, NY
$6,950Stx12f-Long Island, NY
craigslist -
$969,0002016550-Seattle, WA
$2,9002008Stx15f-Long Island, NY
Rare Kawasaki 800 SXR (BELPRE)
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$7,595Kawasaki-Parkersburg, WV
$5,0001991Kawasaki-Riverside, CA
$7,9002008Stx15f-Long Island, NY
$4,9951996Kawasaki-Oklahoma City, OK
$6,5002007Kawasaki-Riverside, CA
Walker Bay 11 - Like New
craigslist -
$21,50011-Los Angeles, CA
Kawasaki JT750-B3 Unknown
craigslist -
$3,0001997Kawasaki-Reno, NV
$11,599Kawasaki-Phoenix, AZ
Kawasaki Ultra 310 LX Only 40 Hours
craigslist -
$9,9992015Ultra-Florida (northern), FL
2021 Kawasaki Ultra 310LX (Buford)
craigslist -
$15,199Ultra-Atlanta, GA
Livingston 11'
craigslist -
$3,50011-San Diego, CA
SunRunner ultra
craigslist -
$2,5001989Ultra-Washington, District of Columbia
Kawasaki Ultra LX Jet Ski (Milton)
craigslist -
$7,9992011Kawasaki-Atlanta, GA
Bullett V2 Wideboy Kawasaki 1100
craigslist -
$12,000Kawasaki-Sacramento, CA
2017 & 2016 Kawasaki STX 15F
craigslist -
$22,000Stx15f-Los Angeles, CA
Kawasaki 750 SXI Jet Ski
craigslist -
$2,8001996Kawasaki-Stockton, CA
2023 Kawasaki SX-R™ 160
craigslist -
$11,399Kawasaki-Riverside, CA
$2,10011-Yakima, WA
$1,78911-Yakima, WA
Kawasaki x2
craigslist -
$1,200Kawasaki-Medford, OR
$1,000Kawasaki-Phoenix, AZ
Kawasaki STX 15F (Manahawkin NJ)
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$8,5002017Stx15f-New Jersey (shore), NJ
$11,0992017Ultra-Greensboro, NC
$7,500Kawasaki-Pittsburgh, PA
Olympia Beer Kawasaki JS550
craigslist -
$2,750Kawasaki-Seattle, WA
Kawasaki JS550
craigslist -
$3,000Kawasaki-Seattle, WA
Kawasaki 550sj (Clermont)
craigslist -
$1,600Kawasaki-Orlando, FL
craigslist -
$3,000Kawasaki-Springfield, MO
Kawasaki STX 750
craigslist -
$3,0001998Stx-Denver, CO
Kawasaki 750sx Custom Blowsion Ski
craigslist -
$7,0001992Kawasaki-Portland, OR
Kawasaki STX 750
craigslist -
$3,0001998Stx-Wyoming, United States
kawasaki 650 X2 JetSki
craigslist -
$3,900Kawasaki-Orange county, CA
$11,496Ultra-Santa Barbara, CA
kawasaki 550 jetski
craigslist -
$1,0001986550-Sacramento, CA
2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310LX-S 1498
craigslist -
$16,500Ultra-New York City, NY
2 Kawasaki Jet Skis
craigslist -
$4,500Kawasaki-Sacramento, CA
$1,6001992Kawasaki-New Jersey (shore), NJ
$16,500Ultra-Providence, RI
$16,500Ultra-New Hampshire, United States
Kawasaki Jet Ski
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$1,000Kawasaki-San Francisco, CA
$16,500Ultra-Worcester, MA
$16,500Ultra-Massachusetts (western), MA
$16,500Ultra-Maine, United States
$16,500Ultra-Connecticut (northwest), CT
$2,0002011Ultra-Lakeland, FL
$16,500Ultra-New Haven, CT
$16,500Ultra-Hartford, CT
$16,500Ultra-New London, CT
$15,000Kawasaki-Florida Keys, FL
$2,5001994Kawasaki-Milwaukee, WI
Kawasaki STX 750 JET SKI (Waukesha)
craigslist -
$3,5001998Kawasaki-Milwaukee, WI
Kawasaki Ultra 150
craigslist -
$3,5002000Ultra 150-Grand Island, MI
$15,0002016Ultra-Charlotte, NC
$8,999Ultra-Jacksonville, FL
$28,000Kawasaki-Mohave county, AZ
Fliteboard ULTRA
craigslist -
$9,000Ultra-Orange county, CA
NEW Boardworks Riptide 11'6 SUP
craigslist -
$1,21911-Yakima, WA
$3,5001998Kawasaki-Charlotte, NC
kawasaki stx12f 50 hours
craigslist -
$3,9992004Stx12f-San Diego, CA
$3,000Kawasaki-Roanoke, VA
Kawasaki JS 550 (Roanoke)
craigslist -
$2,750550-Roanoke, VA
Jet ski 1986 550
craigslist -
$1,0501986550-Orange county, CA
Kawasaki 1100 zxi
craigslist -
$1,50019981100zxi-Orange county, CA
Kawasaki STX15F Jetski (Blackwood)
craigslist -
$3,9502006Stx15f-New Jersey (southern), NJ
$2,60011-Pittsburgh, PA