Grady White in Treasure Coast, FL

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Including Grady White in Florida, United States for comparison.

Sea Fox 23 ft Center ConsoleRelease Center Console (Hobe Sound)20' Grady White w/ 2001 Yamaha 150hp 0x66, Float-on trailer (Vero beach)center console 24’ (palm beach county)Pursuit 2870 Offshore (Merritt Island)20' Grady White w/ Trailer (Fort Lauderdale)Grady White Sea Ox ready to fish or just have fun !!!!! (Fort Lauderdale)OMC 18.5 FT CENTER CONSOLE (PINELLAS PARK)Grady White 28' Release (Palmetto Bay)Key West Center Console 20ftRARE Vintage 1968 Seafarer 31' Sailboat (Panama City, FL)29' CRUISER EXPRESS (Ft. Lauderdale)Center Console 2010 Sea Fox Adventure (Gainesville)GRADY WHITE SEAFARER 228 (hernando co)GRADY-WHITE 24 (Sebring)172 center console seafox (GRAND RIDGE)172 center console seafox (GRAND RIDGE)center console (North Miami Beach)Sailfish 275DC+ 95K- 150 Mercs-330 Hours (Bradenton)BERTRAM 28 (South Miami)GRADY-WHITE 24 (Sebring)29' CRUISER EXPRESS (Ft. Lauderdale)Sailfish 218cc WAC - A MUST SEE (Deerfield Beach)foot 1994 Answer center console (Miami)196 Sea Fox center console (Key Largo)sailfish 2003 center console (deerfield beach)29' CRUISER EXPRESS (Ft. Lauderdale)Sailfish Volvo Penta 5.0 GL (Miami Gardens)Robalo 24.4' (Orange City)' Center Console 2006 (St Cloud)NauticStar 28' XS Center Console (Fort Lauderdale)NauticStar 28' XS Center Console (Fort Lauderdale)Center console (Fort Lauderdale)NauticStar 28' XS Center Console (Fort Lauderdale)Grady White Sea Ox ready to fish or just have fun !!!!! (Fort Lauderdale)19701980199020002010140k120k100k80k60k40k20k0Model YearPrice ($USD)
Sea Fox 23 ft Center Console
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$13,0002003Center Console-Treasure Coast, FL
$29,000Offshore-Treasure Coast, FL
Release Center Console (Hobe Sound)
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$25,0002016Center Console-Treasure Coast, FL
32x11 Footer with Marlin Tower
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$63,999Marlin-Treasure Coast, FL
32 Albemarle Express- Reduced!
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$63,999Express-Treasure Coast, FL
$13,5001988Grady White-Treasure Coast, FL
$6,50028-Miami, FL
$14,250223 Tournament-Ft Myers, FL
$14,250Grady White-Tampa, FL
$9,900Grady White-Miami, FL
$18,2002001Center Console-Miami, FL
$47,5001998Offshore-Space Coast, FL
$7,0001985Grady White-Miami, FL
$9,9001992Grady White-Miami, FL
$2,0001989Center Console-Tampa, FL
$85,0002007283 Release-Miami, FL
24ft Grady white (Orange city)
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$5,500Grady White-Daytona, FL
$6,800Center Console-Tampa, FL
Key West Center Console 20ft
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$22,5002002Center Console-Sarasota, FL
$12,0001968Seafarer-Panama city, FL
$14,9001990Express-Miami, FL
$25,000Center Console-Tampa, FL
$9,900Grady White-Miami, FL
2020 Pursuit 325 Offshore (Largo)
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$384,997Offshore-Tampa, FL
23' offshore!! (Hudson)
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$32,900Offshore-Tampa, FL
Grady White Seafarer 228
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$23,000228 Seafarer-Sarasota, FL
$28,0002010Center Console-Gainesville, FL
$63,999Express-Miami, FL
$18,0002002228 Seafarer-Tampa, FL
GRADY-WHITE 24 (Sebring)
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$8,0001986Grady White-Miami, FL
$10,0002005Center Console-Tallahassee, FL
$10,0002005Center Console-Panama city, FL
center console (North Miami Beach)
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$48,0002005Center Console-Miami, FL
$95,0002015Sailfish-Sarasota, FL
$12,500Center Console-Sarasota, FL
$12,500Grady White-Miami, FL
$12,500Grady White-Sarasota, FL
$12,500Grady White-Tampa, FL
BERTRAM 28 (Miami)
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$28,50028-Miami, FL
BERTRAM 28 (South Miami)
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$28,500199028-Tampa, FL
GRADY-WHITE 24 (Sebring)
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$8,0001986Grady White-Florida Keys, FL
28' Bertram (Marathon)
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$8,00028-Florida Keys, FL
$20,000Grady White-Tampa, FL
$64,999Center Console-Miami, FL
Grady white (Lake worth)
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$24,000Grady White-Miami, FL
$16,000Center Console-Tampa, FL
Grady white marlin (pinellas co)
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$65,000Marlin-Tampa, FL
$14,9001990Express-Miami, FL
$419,000Fisherman-Miami, FL
Release Center Console (Jupiter)
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$52,500Center Console-Miami, FL
$39,0002005Sailfish-Miami, FL
25 foot Center Console (Miami)
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$14,000Center Console-Miami, FL
$9,50028-Florida Keys, FL
$119,900265-Tampa, FL
20' Grady white project (Naples)
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$4,800Grady White-Ft Myers, FL
2021 28 Caymas HB Twin (Fort Myers)
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$245,00028-Ft Myers, FL
$72,000228 Seafarer-Tampa, FL
$12,500Fisherman-Miami, FL
$29,970Center Console-Okaloosa, FL
$50,000Offshore-Tampa, FL
$12,50028-Space Coast, FL
$5,4001994Center Console-Miami, FL
$16,9002006Center Console-Miami, FL
$12,0002003Center Console-Miami, FL
$14,9001990Express-Miami, FL
$15,0001996Sailfish-Miami, FL
Robalo 24.4' (Orange City)
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$13,0001994244 Explorer-Daytona, FL
Key West 244 2023 (Cape Coral)
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$139,500244 Explorer-Ft Myers, FL
Grady White Marlin300 (kendall)
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$79,000Grady White-Miami, FL
$105,000283 Release-Miami, FL
$8,000Center Console-Jacksonville, FL
' Center Console 2006 (St Cloud)
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$7,7502006Center Console-Orlando, FL
$17,900Center Console-Tampa, FL
$148,0002018Center Console-Miami, FL
$148,0002018Center Console-Miami, FL
Center console (Fort Lauderdale)
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$28,5002019Center Console-Miami, FL
$148,0002018Center Console-Miami, FL
$10,9001992Grady White-Miami, FL