Cruisers Bar Harbor 264 in Washington, United States

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Including Cruisers Bar Harbor 264 in USA for comparison.

Model YearPrice ($USD)
Gig Harbor Sailing Dinghy
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$6,000Bar Harbor 264-Seattle, WA
2022 Viaggio Misty Harbor Lago L22U
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$47,995Bar Harbor 264-Baton Rouge, LA
Harbor Towne Yacht Club Slip
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$3,000Bar Harbor 264-Cincinnati, OH
$1,900Bar Harbor 264-Richmond, IN
2022 Viaggio by Misty Harbor DM20C
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$41,999Bar Harbor 264-Boise, ID
2022 Viaggio by Misty Harbor DM20U
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$42,999Bar Harbor 264-Boise, ID
$12,500Bar Harbor 264-Gainesville, FL
$12,500Bar Harbor 264-Jacksonville, FL
Egg Harbor 38 Golden Egg
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$67,000Bar Harbor 264-Providence, RI
Egg Harbor with Detroit Diesels
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$9,630Bar Harbor 264-Imperial county, CA